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Northern Territory Fundraising Law

The relevant authority for fundraising governance in the Northern Territory is NT Treasury, Racing, Gaming & Licensing Division.  In particular, they oversee all fundraising activities such as bingo, raffles and door knock appeals.
The relevant legislation is part IV of the Gaming Control Act (and attendant Regulations) which regulates lotteries, trade lotteries and games of chance in the nature of a lottery, being raffles, sweepstakes, calcuttas, bingo, mini-lotto and tipping competitions.
A permit is required for the conduct of lotteries and trade lotteries offering a total prize pool of more than $5,000. A permit is not required for trade lotteries that have been granted a permit interstate.
Other issues to consider:
Only approved associations or a person who has obtained the express permission of the Minister may conduct a lottery or game in the nature of a lottery in the Northern Territory. Any person carrying on a trade or business in the Territory may conduct a trade lottery.
There is also a listing of nation-wide philantropy-related law at

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