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Government Support of Volunteerism in Northern Territory

Following is a press release distributed by “Volunteering Territory”, an organization that supports volunteerism throughout the Northern Territory.  The press release addresses the issue of government involvement and support of volunteerism in the territory.


An Unrecognised Million Dollar Industry
Volunteer organisations in the Northern Territory are lagging behind according to their own peak body.

Volunteering Territory claims there is hardly any recognition by the NT government of an industry which is valued at $183.5 million. It (Volunteering Territory) is looking for respect and recognition for all the volunteers who give their time in the Northern Territory.


James Sadler is from Volunteering Territory Alice Springs,

“Volunteers are vital to the Northern Territory and I hope whatever the colour of the next administration, they will recognise the volunteers, voluntary organisations and their peak body with funding.  At present, the NT government provides no budget for Volunteering Territory and its record of supporting agencies that rely on volunteers is at best piecemeal and at worst insulting.


Volunteering Territory needs the government’s support on issues such as the cost of training for volunteers, the rising cost of fuel for volunteers and the cost of police checks for volunteers.  It is especially difficult at this time for us to reach the volunteers and their organisations in the remote and regional areas of Northern Territory.”


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