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Ireland – Principle areas of focus of the Community & Voluntary Sector

Posted in Ireland, Ireland - The Third Sector, Principle areas of focus by hynesbrid on August 25, 2008

There are a number of databases and directories that list community and voluntary organisations.  One such database is the online directory of community and voluntary organisations run by The Wheel (a support and representative body connecting Community and Voluntary organisations across Ireland).  In May 2006, the directory comprised over 6500 listings for community and voluntary organisations in Ireland.  The Wheel directory covers 32 categories ranging in size from Education / Training / Support (933 entries in the directory) to Prison Services (1 entry)   The top 10 categories of C&V Activity in Ireland are as follows:
Arts & Culture 175
Sports & Recreation 179
Disability Services 184
Accommodation/housing/Homeless 208
Family Support Services 444
Mental Health 488
Religious Activities 534
Advice / Advocacy/ Information 537
Community Development 643
Education/ Training / Support 933,9480,en.pdf


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