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Types of volunteering

Posted in Australia, Queensland (Australia), Queensland (Australia) Third sector by valeria80 on August 19, 2008

Governance volunteering: is on board and management committees. These volunteers provide direction and leadership for not-for-profit organisations. Governance volunteers carry a high level of responsibility and accountability

Informal volunteering: takes place in local communities in response to specific social needs. Volunteers work in largely unfunded, less structured settings, and this group may include neighbourhood groups, self-help groups, recreational, sporting, social and special interest groups and mutual aid activities.

Social Action volunteering: is usually cause driven and in response to specific social or community needs. This type of volunteering is typified by strong passion, and clearly identified outcomes, and takes the form of community action, advocacy and campaigning.

Project volunteering: reflects short term volunteer engagement, often by volunteers with specific skills, with clearly delineated outcomes and timeframe. This is an option particularly suited to professionals, corporates, retiring baby boomers and students.

Formal volunteering: takes place in traditional structured settings. Volunteers have clear ongoing roles with clear lines of accountability and responsibility. Volunteers are usually part of the service delivery team, within a managed environment.


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