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Queensland Funding and Grants (3)

Posted in Australia, Queensland (Australia), Queensland (Australia) Third sector by valeria80 on August 19, 2008

Integrated Grants Information Service

Through the Integrated Grants Information service, Queenslanders can access information on State Government funding and grants programs and find all of the grants they may be eligible to receive from all departments, through an online wizard.

Australian Giving Centre

The Australian Giving Centre is a service that provides an opportunity for community organizations to receive donations through their websites.

Interested organizations are required to have a website. They can then sign up with the service to gain the facility for receiving online donations.

The ABC of Auspicing

If you are not eligible for a grant to do something in your area, than you can sometimes remedy this by working with an organization that is eligible. Some organizations provide an umbrella for groups that are not incorporated.

Auspice Agreements have to be designed with care, because there is a chain of responsibility to be organized. The funding body (let’s call them A) is giving the money to the auspicing organisation (B), which is giving it to the group who has applied for the funding (C). The funding body (A) does not have a contract with (C), and has not got a comeback against (C) if things go wrong. The only remedy (A) has is to take up a grievance with the auspicing body (B). Therefore it is (B) that is taking the risk, if any, and needs to have insurance – provisions in the Agreement, that will enable it to intervene where necessary to keep things on track.



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