Country Idealist Profiles

Australia – International Cooperation focuses

The international community recognizes Australia’s leading role in the region, particularly in PNG and the Pacific.

The geographic focus of Australia’s aid program also makes sense given that two thirds of the world’s poor, some 800 million people, reside in the Asia Pacific, yet receive less than one third of total aid flows. Australia continues to provide selective assistance to Africa and the Middle East, primarily working through international and non-government organizations.
The Australian Government, through AusAID, competitively contracts aid work to Australian and international companies. These companies use their expertise to deliver aid projects and often train local people to continue the projects long after the end of the contracts.
AusAID funds not-for-profit organizations, such as World Vision or Oxfam, to deliver aid programs at the local community level in developing countries.
AusAID contributes funding to international organizations that help people in emergencies, such as the International Committee of the Red Cross. We also provide funding through the United Nations to UNICEF and to the UN Development Programme, for their work in developing countries. AusAID contributes to global and regional poverty reduction programs set up by the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.

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