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The Role of NGOs in Ireland in relation to Government

Posted in Ireland, Ireland - Basics, Ireland - The Third Sector by hynesbrid on August 14, 2008

The important role played by the Community and Voluntary Sector in Ireland has been higlighted in a number of reports

The Government recognises that the Community and Voluntary (C&V) sector plays a crucial role in society, quite separate to and independent of the institutions of Government.  It represents the engagement by individuals in their own development, in that of their communities and of the wider society.  The Government values the existence of a lively and involved Community and Voluntary sector independent and sufficiently wide‑ranging to represent the many diverse elements of society.  Civil society is greatly enriched when ordinary citizens come together in voluntary action, community involvement and self‑help initiatives.  The Government sees the sector as having a specific role in ensuring that the experiences and interests of marginalised communities and groups are articulated and are heard when decisions that affect them are being made.  It sees the C&V sector as having a role and potential to

  • Help create a vibrant civil and active society in which individuals are encouraged and enabled to participate fully.  This is an essential component of a mature democracy
  • Respond to pressing social needs quickly, directly and effectively
  • Pioneer new approaches to service provision and local and community development
  • Improve the effectiveness of services through feed‑back and monitoring of services by consumers and users
  • Provide opportunities for volunteers to participate and develop skills
  • Create employment opportunities through the provision of services and through the activities of community development projects, thus contributing to community infrastructure
  • Foster self‑help and enable people to become active participants in shaping their future
  • Identify needs and appropriate responses tailored to the specific needs of local communities and neighbourhoods and specific communities of interests
  • Offer new solutions where conventional approaches have failed
  • Enable people who are excluded to become involved in the regeneration process in their own communities and at a wider societal level.,2200,en.doc 



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