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Queensland (Aus)- State Administrative structure (The Governor)

Posted in Australia, Queensland (Australia), Queensland (Australia) - Basics by valeria80 on August 14, 2008

The Governor is the Sovereign’s personal representative and is an integral part   of the parliamentary system of government.

The Governor summons and dissolves Parliament, grants Royal Assent to Bills (proposed laws) passed by the Legislative Assembly and issues ‘writs’ for

State elections

Under the Westminster system, most Royal powers are only exercised on the advice of Ministers. The Executive Council, which comprises members of the Ministry, is the formal means for Ministers to give this advice to the Governor. When the Governor acts on the advice of Executive Council, the Governor acts

as the ‘Governor in Council’. The Governor in Council gives effect to the

decisions of the Ministry.

Following each State election, the Governor calls on the leader of the political party which has the support of a majority of Members of the Legislative

Assembly (that is, the party with the most seats in Parliament) to form a ‘Government’ to take responsibility for governing the State.

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