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Ireland – Definition of the Non-Profit Sector

Posted in Ireland, Ireland - Basics, Ireland - The Third Sector by hynesbrid on August 14, 2008

The non‑profit Sector can be defined as the sector that is non‑market and non‑state.  Broadly speaking as well as small‑scale local Community and Voluntary organisations, it spans a range of specialised organisations and institutions, such as voluntary public hospitals, major mental handicap organisations, major sporting organisations, credit unions, trade unions, political parties, employer organisations, educational institutions and church‑based institutions.  However for the greater part, the non profit sector in Ireland is usually referred to as the Community and Voluntary Sector.   
It includes organisations and groups that are:

  • Organised: they have an institutional presence and structure
  • Private or non‑governmental: they are institutionally separate from the state;
  • Non‑profit distributing: they do not return profits to their managers or to a set of ‘owners’;
  • Self‑governing: they are fundamentally in control of their own affairs;
  • Voluntary: membership is not legally required and such organisations attract some level of voluntary contribution of time or money.,2200,en.doc


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