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Australian Capital Territory – NGO’s and funraising

Posted in ACT (Australia) - Third Sector by diego1084 on August 14, 2008

Fundraising activities such as bingo, raffl es and door knock appeals are regulated by state and territory authorities. Each state has its own laws for these activities.

The relevant authorities are the ACT Gambling and Racing Commission and the Department of Urban Service.

The relevant legislation is the Lotteries Act 1964 and whilst the definition of ‘lottery’ is broad, fundraising activities regulated by the Commission are primarily raffles, housie (bingo), trade promotion lotteries and to a lesser degree, calcuttas.

Generally, a permit is required to conduct the abovementioned activities. There may be exceptions where the organisation is non-profit and the prize value is less than $500 or where a club/association wishes to conduct a lottery among members only and there is no external advertising. A copy of information/conditions in relation to the respective activities is available on our website.

In respect of housie applications, the Commission may also need to consider provisions under the Code of Practice Regulations which is also available on the website.

In the ACT all types of collections made for charitable purposes are regulated by the Charitable Collections Act 2003. Collections include money or goods donated or sold. They include personal door to door and public place collections, collection bins, collections by telephone, written appeals, internet and other forms of electronic communication.

Unless exempt, collecting for charity requires a licence. A licence application form can be viewed and downloaded from our website.

Your planned collection activity might already be covered by an existing licence. You should check with relevant charitable organisations as to whether such a licence exists or with the Department of Urban Services.

There are several grounds on which your planned collecting activity may be exempt from requiring a collecting licence.

Two key criteria which will exempt you from requiring a licence are:

1 If you will raise less than $15,000 in a calendar year, and

2 If you are collecting for an overseas agency accredited with AusAid.


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