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Ireland – Human Development Index (HDI)

Posted in Ireland, Ireland - Basics by hynesbrid on July 29, 2008


The Human Development Index (HDI) for Ireland is 0.959, which gives the country a rank of 5th out of 177 countries with data

HDI Value:
1. Iceland: 0.968
3. Australia (0.962)
4. Canada (0.961)
5. Ireland (0.959)
6. Sweden (0.956)
7. Switzerland (0.955)
12. United States (0.951)
16. United Kingdom (0.946)
177. Sierra Leone (0.336)

Figure 1:
The human development index gives a more complete picture than income 

Figure 2: HDI Trends:
The table below shows that since the mid-1970s Ireland has been progressively increasing its HDI score.

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