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South Australia – Third Sector overview

The Non-Profit sector in South Australia is mainly related to chairitable activities.

The words commonly used to describe a nonprofit organization are Charities or Trusts.
A charitable organization (also known as a charity) is an organization with charitable purposes only.
Trusts, foundations, unincorporated associations and in some jurisdictions specific types of companies, may be established for a charitable purpose or may acquire such purpose after establishment. Examples of charities include religious institutions, aged persons homes, homeless hostels, primary or secondary schools run by churches, organisations relieving the special needs of people with disabilities and societies that promote the fine arts.

The majority of the NPOs are allowed to employ members in remunerated positions. This is the case of many disability Non-Profit Organizations whose objective is to insert people with a disability in the society by generating income and leadership for them.

About modern history of the sector, survey results indicate that volunteering in South Australian not-for-profit organisations increased steadily over the period between 2001 and 2003. This was the case for members who join committees as well as those who become general members. Increases in volunteering appear to be partly related to the outsourcing of State and Commonwealth Government services to the not-for profit sector.;dn=965155738169882;res=E-LIBRARY

The Sector’s Importance to Democracy

“Like most modern democracies, Australian society is supported and served by a not-for-profit charitable sector which delivers a range of social welfare services to its citizens.  In this role the charitable sector is a crucial partner with business and government, which it complements but with which it also contrasts.”


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