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Tasmania (Aus) – Non profit organizations numbers & definitions

There are about 5.000 not for profit organizations in Tasmania and about 116,000 volunteers providing community services in welfare, education, arts and music, tourism, heritage, sport and recreation and conservation. Volunteers are in the three sectors of business, government and not-for-profit.


Non-profit institutions are typically thought of as charities or community service organisations, but they are more than this. NPIs cover a wide range of activities and include organisations serving corporations and governments as well as households. NPIs may be engaged in either market production or non-market production, or a combination of both. ($File/52560_1999-2000.pdf)

A non-profit organisation is defined as an organisation that is not operating for the profit or gain (either direct or indirect) of its individual members. This applies both while the organisation is operating and when it winds up.  Any profit made by the organisation goes back into the operation of the organisation to carry out its purposes and is not distributed to any of its members.

A charity is defined as a non-profit institution or fund established for a charitable purpose. This includes the relief of poverty or sickness or the needs of the aged; the advancement of education; the advancement of religion; the provision of child care services, and other purposes beneficial to the community.(


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