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Tasmania – Government

Posted in Australia, Tasmania (Australia), Tasmania (Australia) Basics by valeria80 on July 25, 2008

The Commonwealth of Australia is a  constitutional democracy based on a federal division of powers. The form of government used is a constitutional monarchy with a parliament system of government. The Queen is represented by the Governor-General at federal level and by the Governors at state level. Executive powers are normally exercised only on the advice of the Prime Minister.

Local Government Areas of Tasmania, Australia

· Hobart area councils

o Brighton Council

o City of Clarence

o City of Glenorchy

o City of Hobart

o Kingborough Council

o Sorell Council

· South-east area councils

o Municipality of Derwent Valley

o Municipality of Tasman

o Municipality of Huon Valley

o Municipality of Glamorgan/Spring Bay

· North-east area councils

o Municipality of Break O’Day

o Municipality of Dorset

o Municipality of Flinders

· Launceston area councils

o Municipality of George Town

o City of Launceston

o Municipality of Meander Valley

o Municipality of West Tamar

· North-west and west coast councils

o City of Burnie

o Municipality of Central Coast

o Municipality of Circular Head

o City of Devonport

o Kentish Council

o Municipality of King Island

o Municipality of Latrobe

o Municipality of Waratah/Wynyard

o Municipality of West Coast

· Central councils

o Municipality of Central Highlands

o Municipality of Northern Midlands

o Municipality of Southern Midlands


– Main centres are Hobart (the capital city with 203,600 people) Launceston (98,500) Burnie (18,000) and Devonport (25,000). (

There are 29 local governments: 5 cities, 6 councils and 19 municipalities. (


Governmental structure:

A council is a corporate body. It is the council as a whole, not individual elected members, that constitute the legal entity. Council meetings must be held in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

Each council is required to develop a 5 year strategic plan and an annual plan for the municipal area. Councils also prepare an annual report and hold an annual general meeting.



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