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South Australia – Government

Posted in Australia, South Australia, South Australia Basics by belenu on July 25, 2008

The govermetn system is a Constitutional Monarchy with the Queen of Australia as the head of state. Inmediately after this, the state counts with a Bicameral Parliament which consists of a House of Assembly (lower house) and a Legislative Council (upper house), with legislative elections held every four years. The current Premier of  is Mike Rann, a member of the Australian Labor Party.

 Local Government

The term “Local Government” refers to the system in which 68 local Councils (municipalities) operate in South Australia. The Constitution Act 1934 (SA), the Local Government Act 1999 (SA), and the Local Government (Elections) Act 1999 (SA).

Is integral to the democratic system of government in Australia which provides vital economic, social and environmental support for communities. This is due to:

  • community standards and expectations growing along with economic growth (for example a higher number of vehicles per household leads to demand for safer local roads/traffic management and the emergence of Legionnaire’s Disease creates new environmental health inspection requirements);
  • reductions in the size of both Federal and State public services and greater legal requirements (eg building fire safety inspections now done by Councils and higher workplace safety standards affecting all employers);
  • and greater demand for local services (eg recycling or immunisation of school children against Meningococcal C).

See the following councils map: 

For further information check South Australia´s Government site


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