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South Australia – Education

Posted in Australia, South Australia, South Australia Basics by belenu on July 25, 2008

South Australia has a world-class education system that includes four internationally recognised universities, TAFE colleges offering technical and vocational training, a wide range of specialised tertiary institutions and a highly regarded primary and secondary school sector.

The Department of Education and Children’s Services” (DECS) is responsible for ensuring the provision of children’s services and public education throughout. All children between the ages of 6 and 15 years must attend school. State schools provide free tuition.

Education is compulsory for all children until age 16, however, the majority of students stay on to complete their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). The South Australian Government provides, to schools on a per student basis, 89 percent of the total Government funding while the Commonwealth contributes 11 percent. 

The education area expands its interaction to the state government, peak stakeholder groups, industrial parties, the Commonwealth government and other national and international education services agencies.

South Australia Universities


The University of South Australia has a Code of Practice: University Philanthropic Activity which provides guidance to University staff and potential donors and partners on the conduct of development activities within UniSA. It also assists understanding of the University of South Australia Foundation Committee and its role.


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