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Victoria (Aus) – Voluntary work survey results

Posted in Victoria (Australia) - Third sector by diego1084 on July 24, 2008

The Voluntary Work Survey was conducted from March to July 2006. It presents data on rates of participation in voluntary work, hours contributed, characteristics of people who volunteer, types of organisations they work for and activities they undertake. In Australia during 2006, 5.2 million people (34% of pop 18+) participated in voluntary work. They contributed 713 million hours to different activities, and in organisations and groups with a diverse range of interests. Overall, 32% of men and 36% of women were volunteers. In Melbourne 30% participated in voluntary work, while in the rest of Victoria 41% participated.

People aged 35-44 years (43%) were most likely to volunteer, and include a large number of parents with dependent children, reflecting commitments associated with their children, such as work for schools and sports teams. Female partners with dependent children had a volunteer rate of 50% compared with 32% for female partners without dependent children. Employed people, either in full-time (34%) or part-time (44%), had a higher volunteer rate than unemployed (26%) or not in the labour force (30%). Men employed full-time (34%) were as likely to volunteer as women employed full-time (33%). Almost two-thirds of volunteers (62%) worked for one organisation only, 25% for two, 8% for three and 4% for more than three organisations.



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