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Victoria (Aus) – NFP funding & employment

Posted in Australia, Victoria (Australia), Victoria (Australia) - Third sector by diego1084 on July 24, 2008

Many NFP organisations receive funding from the Victorian Government in the form of grants or service agreements. In 2005-06, the Government provided over 5,000 grants or service payments to NFPs with total funding exceeding $2 billion.

DHS and DPCD provide the largest amounts of funding for NFPs, although DEECD, DOJ and Arts Victoria also have significant programs that administer grants to NFPs.

Members of the community are often actively involved in NFPs, either as members, donors, paid employees or as volunteers. It is estimated that Victorians contribute approximately $3-$4 billion per annum to NFP fundraising.

Over three-quarters of all associations (76.2 per cent) do not employ any paid staff. Most incorporated associations are also small in terms of membership. One-quarter (26.2 per cent) have fewer than 20 members and over half have fewer than 50 members.$file/NFP_FInalRpt_smaller.pdf


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