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Western Australia Government

The administration of this state is divided amongst 142 local government authorities; nine development commissions; and a number of state and Australian government departments and organisations.

Western Australia was granted self-government in 1889 with a bicameral House of Parliament, located in Perth, consisting of the Legislative Assembly (or lower house), which has 57 members; and the Legislative Council, which has 34 members. Suffrage is universal and compulsory for Australian citizens residing in Western Australia over 18 years of age.

The Governor of Western Australia is the representative of Australia`s Monarch Queen ElizabethII. The Governor performs important constitutional, ceremonial and community functions, including:

  • presiding over the Executive Council;
  • proroguing and dissolving the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council;
  • issuing writs for elections; and
  • appointing Ministers, Judges, Magistrates and Justices of the Peace.

The Parliament of Western Australia consists of the Western Australian Legislative Council, the Western Australian Legislative Assembly and the Govenor of Western Australia. The Parliament sits at Parliament House in Harvest Terrace,Peth. The head of government is the Premier of Western Australia.


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