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Western Australia Education

Posted in Western Australia, Western Australia Basics, Western Australia Basics by valeria80 on July 23, 2008

Education in Western Australia consists of one year of pre-school at age 5, followed by seven years of primary school education. Students move into Year 8 at age 13 and five years of secondary education. The final two years of secondary education are currently changing to compulsory. All students who completed Year 10 in 2005 are now required to undertake further studies in Year 11. Students are required to complete the year in which they turn 16 (usually Year 11).

Commencing in 2008 all students will be required to complete 12 years of study before leaving school. Students will have the option to study at a TAFEWA (Technical And Further Education Western Australia colleges are training institutions that are funded by the State Government of Western Australia. They provide courses for vocational education and training, apprenticeships and traineeships, support for workplace training, and commercial courses for business and industry.) in their eleventh year or continue through high school with a vocational course or a specific University entrance course.

Western Australia Universities:

Curtin University of Technology:
Edith Cowan University:
Murdoch University:     http//
University of Western Australia:
University of Notre Dame Australia:http: //


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