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Volunteering in Western Australia

Posted in Australia, Western Australia, Western Australia Basics by valeria80 on July 23, 2008

* Almost 429,000 Western Australians, around one-third of the population are volunteers
* In WA volunteers contribute over 70 million hours a year, worth an estimated $800 million dollars
* Rural Western Australian recorded the highest volunteering rate in Australia with 45% of the population involved in volunteering
* Although baby boomers (35-54 years) account for 40% of the WA adult population, they account for almost half the number of volunteers in 2000.
* Volunteer rates are highest for people who are working.  Of these, managers and administrators are the most likely to volunteer (56%), followed by professionals (46%).
* Almost half (48%) of all Western Australian volunteers had been volunteering for more than 10 years.
* The most common reason West Australians gave for being a volunteer was to ‘help others/community’ (49% in 2000 and 41% in 1995).  The next most common reason was ‘personal satisfaction’ (41%)
* People volunteer for a variety of reason and frequently for more than one reason.
* In general similar numbers of men and women volunteer in WA.
* Volunteers were rarely recruited through the media; only 4% became involved in volunteering in response to a media report or an advertisement.
* Sport/recreation organisations had the highest volunteer involvement rate in Western Australia in 2000 (39%).


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