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Queensland (Aus)- State Administrative structure

Posted in Australia, Queensland (Australia), Queensland (Australia) - Basics by valeria80 on July 23, 2008

There are three levels of government in Australia – local, state and federal. Each level of government is responsible for making decisions and providing services to the people to whom it is responsible.

Local governments: throughout the state are responsible for making decisions on local, town or city matters. Grass roots issues like street signs and traffic control, libraries and rubbish collection are the province of local government. While local governments collect taxes in the form of rates, fees and fines to pay for the services they provide, they also receive money from both the State and Federal Government.

At the State level, Queensland has a parliamentary system of government, based on a representative democracy. The people, exercising their democratic right to vote, elect Members to represent them in the Legislative Assembly, the only chamber of the Queensland Parliament. (Other Parliaments, such as the Australian Parliament, may have two chambers.)


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