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NSW – A Volunteering Organisation

A volunteer organisation means an association or other body the activities of which are not engaged in for the purpose of making a profit.
A one-off event or annual event that provides benefit (financial, promotional, social) to a community, town or city and not to an individual or company. Voluntary work for the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games may be seen as an example, as will the Commonwealth Games in 2006. Data provided by the Sydney Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (SOCOG) show that there were around 47,500 Olympic volunteers, the majority from NSW. As for non-Olympic volunteers, there were slightly more women than men but the age profile was slightly younger. Around 40% of Olympic volunteers were aged less than 35 years compared to 29% of volunteers generally.
Volunteering Rate by Type of Organisation
 Arts/ heritage  
 Community/ welfare  
 Education/ training  
 Emergency services  
 Environment/ animal welfare  
 Parenting/ children/ youth  
 Sport/ physical recreation  
 Other recreation/ interest  
Every council area in New South Wales has an SES presence and some of the more populous council areas have units with more than 100 volunteers. The “State Emergency Service” is an emergency and rescue service dedicated to assisting the community. It is made up almost entirely of volunteers, with 232 Units located throughout New South Wales. The Units comprise of more than 10,000 volunteer members, who are easily identified by their distinctive orange overalls. The support of partners has included the production of community service announcements, the donation of additional equipment and the production of printed safety material.


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