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NSW – Insurance for volunteers

The Good Samaritan provisions under Part 8 of the Civil Liability Act 2002 protect people who provide assistance to an injured person in good faith and without expectation of payment. However, a good samaritan will not be protected if that person causes the initial injury to the injured person, or if their ability to exercise reasonable care and skill was significantly impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Some types of insurances the organisations may consider:
 Volunteers Workers Personal Accident – Covers accidental injury or death as a result of any authorised activity carried out by volunteers on behalf of the organisation, including travel to and from the activity. This insurance also normally covers loss of income and various out of pocket expenses, including medical and pharmaceutical expenses. All benefits are paid on the approval of the insurer.
Public Liability – Covers an organisation, paid workers and should cover volunteers for any liability to a third party for property damage or personal injury caused in connection with the business activities of the organisation.
Directors and Officers/Professional Indemnity Liability and Voluntary Boards of Management – This policy can cover the organisation for loss incurred through breach of professional duty or negligence; sexual harassment; misleading advertising; and defamation and slander. Cover can also be extended to cover fidelity guarantee etc. Please note: Any Articles of Association or Contract cannot relieve directors and officers of their legal responsibility.
Motor Vehicle Insurance – Cover for owned vehicles driven by volunteers and paid staff for loss or damage to the vehicle or third party property.

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