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NSW – Education and Nonprofit sector

Contribute to community projects that involve a variety of other government agencies and community groups, such as, programs for students at risk of disengaging from education and employment have been developed in many areas of NSW. These include programs like Triple C on the Central Coast, Bridging the Gap in western Sydney and Plan-it Youth throughout NSW.
  •  The University of New South Wales Foundation was established in 1988 as the University’s fundraising arm. Linked to the University by a trust deed, the Foundation’s mission is to enhance the financial and reputational of the University. The Foundation drives much of the main fundraising activity for UNSW. Led by a dedicated Board of Directors, it is active in resourcing vital capital works campaigns including, scholarships, faculty projects and research. Foundation staff can provide advice to graduates and supporters for the development of named scholarships and bequests.
  • The Premier’s Community Service Award provides a community service program for Year 9 and 10 students in NSW Government schools. Created by Premier Morris Iemma, the initiative relies on respect and responsibility as essential values. Between other duties, the Community Service Builds links between schools and community service groups; Assists our vital community service and volunteer organisations. Links volunteering activities to relevant studies; Gives every young volunteer a Premier’s Community Service Award in Year 10 for completing a minimum 20 hours service over Years 9 and 10; Creates 10 annual education scholarships of $2000 each for the most outstanding young volunteers; and Creates one annual school grant of $5000 to the school with the best volunteering record.    
  •  The NSW Community Languages Schools Program funds community organisations to run language classes for school-aged children on weekends and evenings with the aim of helping communities maintain and develop their languages. Community Languages Schools are community-based, non-profit-making schools, established by community based culturally and linguistically diverse communities to maintain and develop their first / heritage language and cultural heritage. Currently they offer 49 languages in 443 schools to approximately 31000 students. The Program is managed by Student Services and Equity Programs of NSW
  • The Early Childhood Association of NSW is a non-government and non-profit early childhood intervention service that assists children who have a diagnosed disability or difficulties in physical, intellectual or emotional behaviour. There is currently a waiting list for speech pathology services and to address this, Early Education will use their local grant to provide education sessions that will give parents practical strategies to enhance their child’s communication skills and improve everyday interactions.,1696,TS18255,00.html
  • The Learning Community Grants Program assists young people aged 12 to 24 years who have left school early or students at risk of leaving school early. It provides funding assistance to community organisations and local government authorities in New South Wales to undertake innovative and creative activities with these people in informal learning settings, and to link participants back to education and training.
  • The concept of students being actively engaged in their community is a popular one. The Centre for Volunteering’s Student Community Involvement Program (SCIP) is a community development program that actively promotes and increases student participation in their local communities through volunteering opportunities. It encourages proactive youth with a greater understanding and community awareness such as School based projects Fundraising Gathering resources Awareness campaigns.



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