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Western Australia – Non Profit recognition

“Any organisation or club collecting money or goods from the public for charitable purposes, needs to be licensed under the Charitable Collections Act.
The Associations Incorporation Act. and Associations Incorporation Regulations are intended to provide for the incorporation of associations in Western Australia and the regulation of their
affairs. The Department of Consumer and Employment Protection, and in particular the Commissioner for Fair Trading, has the responsibility to administer the Act and Regulations on behalf of the government.
The department has developed several information sheets which provide information on how it administers the legislation as well as outlining some of the major provisions of the Act and Regulations.

Section 4(1) of the Act: provides that an association is eligible for incorporation if it has more than five members and is formed for any of the following purposes:
(a) for a religious, educational, charitable or benevolent purpose;
(b) for the purpose of promoting or encouraging literature, science or the arts;
(c) for the purpose of sport, recreation or amusement;
(d) for the purpose of establishing, carrying on, or improving a community, social or cultural centre, or promoting the interests of a local community;
(e) for political purposes;
(f) or for any other purpose approved by the Commissioner.


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