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New South Wales – Nonprofit official recognition

What permits or approvals are required?
If your organisation intends to fundraise for a charitable purpose it must be the holder of an authority to fundraise ‘authorised fundraiser’. The Office of Charities in the Department of Gaming and Racing is responsible for issuing this type of authority.
If you are a person who intends to fundraise for a charitable purpose you must be an authorised fundraiser. However, an authority will only be issued to a natural person in exceptional circumstances.
If you intend to fundraise for a charitable purpose in the name of, or on behalf of, another organisation, the appeal must be authorised by that organisation which in turn must either be an authorised fundraiser or be exempt from the need to be an authorised fundraiser.
How to Incorporate in NSW?
There are two ways to incorporate as an association in New South Wales – under the Parents and Citizens Act, if your organisation is a Parents and Citizens Association, or under the Associations Incorporation Act, if it isn’t. If you’re not a P&C, you need to prepare: A name for the association, The aims and objectives of the organisation, A draft set of rules of the association (the constitution), Public Liability Insurance, Meeting. 

When a group is incorporated, one member must be appointed as Public Officer, who must be over 18 and a NSW resident. The Public Officer is responsible for lodging an Annual Statement each year and informing Fair Trading.

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