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New South Wales – Funding

Sources: donations, sponsorship, entertainment or other goods or services, funding programs, telethons, the conduct of lotteries and games of chance, the supply of food.
A telethon is a fundraising event broadcast on television that lasts many hours or even days, the purpose of which is to raise money for a charitable, political, or other allegedly worthy cause. Correspondingly, the term is a portmanteau of “television” and “marathon“.

There are three broad categories as regards funding: not-for profit services / for profit or private services / government providers – usually State government human services and in a smaller number of cases, local government. Each of these sectors has a valuable role to play in the provision of funded community services.  


The most common source of funding in NSW are Funding or Community Programs. One example is The Community Services Grants Program (CSGP) which assists people in NSW to live in a just society and to participate in strong communities that cope effectively with change and promote safety, welfare and wellbeing.  The CSGP includes funding for individual and family support services, community development services, neighbourhood and community centres, youth support services and some child protection services, as well as services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and ethnic groups. Another important partnership that has become more formalised in recent times is that with other NSW Human Service Departments. Check Department of Community Services (DoCS) Funding Policy for thourough information
In the past solicitors paid one practising fee which covered the cost of their practising certificate and membership of the Society. However from 1 July 2004 the introduction of voluntary membership means that the annual fee has been broken down into two parts:
A practising certificate fee, which is compulsory for those wanting to practice as a solicitor: and
A membership fee, which is voluntary for those wanting to be a Member of the Law Society.
The Law Society’s income is supplemented by a number of other sources of revenue.
Income from publications, members’ service products, continuing legal education courses and conferences, rent from tenants in the Phillip Street building and interest provide a growing source of revenue with which the Society seeks to fulfil its objectives.
A number of community service projects are operated by the Society, partially funded by grants from the Public Purpose Fund. Projects such as the Speakers Bureau and the Community Referral Service deliver to the public in New South Wales practical legal assistance and education on the legal system.


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