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Ireland – Geography

Posted in Ireland, Ireland - Basics by hynesbrid on July 22, 2008

Map of IrelandMap of  Ireland (Eire)
Source: CIA World Factbook.

Ireland / Eire lies to the north-west of continential Europe and is surrounded by hundreds of islands and islets.  It is the third largest island in Europe and the twentieth largest in the world.  To the east of Ireland, seperated by the Irish sea is the island of Great Britain.  Politically, Ireland (also known as the Republic of Ireland) covers five-sixths of the island, with Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom covering the remainder in the north-east.

The country is divided into 4 Provinces – Connaught, Ulster, Leinster and Munster

Each province is sub-divided into counties with a total of 26 Counties across the different provinces as outlined below:

Connaught (5 counties with a total population of 504,121)
County Population
Galway                                 231,670
Leitrim                                   28,950
Mayo                                    128,839
Roscommon                          58,768
Sligo                                      60,894

Principal city – Galway City (72,414)

Ulster (The population of the 3 counties relating to the Republic of Ireland is 267,264)
County                            Population
Cavan                                    64,003
Donegal                              147,264
Monaghan                             55,997

Munster (6 counties with a population of 1,173,340)
County                           Population
Clare                                  110,950
Cork                                   481,295
Kerry                                   139,835
Limerick                             184,055
Tipperary                            149,244
Waterford                            107,961

Principal Cities – Cork (119,418), Limerick (52,539) & Waterford (45,748 )

Leinster (12 counties with a population of 2,295,123)
County                         Population
Carlow                                50,349
Dublin                           1,187,176
Kildare                              186,335
Kilkenny                             87,558
Laois                                  67,059
Longford                            34,391
Louth                               111,267
Meath                               162,831
Offaly                                70,868
Westmeath                         79,346
Wexford                           131,749
Wicklow                           126,194

Principal City is the capital – Dublin (1,187,176)

To view the provinces and counties in more detail please click on the following link



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