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Victoria (Aus) – NFP legislation

Posted in Australia, Victoria (Australia), Victoria (Australia) - Third sector by diego1084 on July 21, 2008

Those NFPs that are incorporated have a range of legal forms. It is possible to incorporate as an association under State and Territory Associations Incorporation laws or as a company under the Commonwealth Corporations Act 2001. The most common types of incorporated NFPs are incorporated associations, companies limited by guarantee and co-operatives.

Act and associated regulations

Key objectives/purpose

Associations Incorporation Act 1981

Associations Incorporation Regulations 1998

  • To provide a tailored legislative framework for the establishment, operation and dissolution of NFPs.
Co-operatives Act 1996

Co-operatives Regulations 1997

  • To provide a legislative framework for the formation, registration management of co-operatives to enable flexibility in their operation and to promote their development.
Fundraising Appeals Act 1998

Fundraising Appeals Regulations 1999

  • To regulate the raising and the application of monies and other benefits from the public, for non-commercial purposes. Organisations conducting fundraising activities are required to register with CAV unless they are an exempt organisation.
Gambling Regulation Act 2003

Gambling Regulation Regulations 2005

  • Regulates gambling activities in Victoria. The Act provides for the regulation, supervision and control of gaming for the benefit of community or charitable organisations.$file/NFP_FInalRpt_smaller.pdf


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