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Victoria (Aus) – Economy

Posted in Australia, Victoria (Australia), Victoria (Australia) - Basics by diego1084 on July 21, 2008

The economy of Victoria is based on the gold mines and coal as well as on the petroleum extractions. Outside Melbourne, where the manofacturas predominate, the rest of the territory is dedicated to agriculture and the cattle ranch, specially the ovine one.

Gross Domestic Product

– Product ($m): $242,595 (2nd)

– Product per capita: $47,096 (4th)

Labour Force

During the week prior to Census Night 2001, 2,082,216 people in Victoria (1,139,127 males and 943,089 females) were employed, representing 93.2% of the labour force. Of these, 1,354,647 (65.1%) people (884,237 males and 470,410 females) were working full-time and 663,221 (31.9%) people (218,142 males and 445,079 females) were working part-time. This compares with 1,884,880 (90.6%) people (1,051,675 males and 833,205 females) who were employed in the 1996 Census and 1,806,561 (88.0%) people (1,028,427 males and 778,134 females) who were employed in the 1991 Census.

In the 2001 Census, 151,859 people (87,530 males and 64,329 females) were unemployed, representing 6.8% of the labour force. Of these, 106,157 (69.9%) people (70,408 males and 35,749 females) were looking for full-time work and 45,702 (30.1%) people (17,122 males and 28,580 females) were looking for part-time work. In the 1996 Census, there were 196,189 (9.4%) unemployed people (115,682 males and 80,507 females) and 246,680 (12.0%) unemployed people (149,810 males and 96,870 females).

The Internet access is between 63% and 65%.


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