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Ireland – Level of poverty

Posted in Ireland, Ireland - Basics by hynesbrid on July 16, 2008

Important Terms:

At Risk of Poverty is the proportion of people living in households where their disposable income is below the threshold of 60% of the national average disposable income. The EU measure of poverty risk is set at 60% of national average income.

Consistent Poverty is defined as Relative Income Poverty combined with the lack of basic items such as warm coat, sufficient food or adequate heating. The percentage of people living in consistent poverty is the proportion of the total population, eg 7% who are living on a lower than normal income and who lack certain basic essential items there by experiencing a lower standard of living than the rest of society.

Relative Income Poverty is defined as having an income that is less than what is regarded as the norm in society, giving a lower than normal standard of living. It is “relative” because it is measured by how much less it is relative to the income of the majority of people. It is usually expressed as a percentage figure, eg the 60% relative income poverty line is 60% of the disposable income of the average household.

The 2006 census shows that the at risk of poverty rate decreased from 18.5% in 2005 to 17% in 2006. 

Areas at risk of consistent poverty by region:
There was no signifcant change in the consistent poverty rate, with a level of 6.9% in 2006 compared to 7.0% in 2005.  Members of lone-parent households had the highest levels of consistent poverty (32.5%) with people living in households where the head of the household was unemployed (31.3%) and households with no workers (22.4%) also had high levels of consistent poverty.

In their study in 2005 of the spatial distribution of poverty in Ireland, the Combat Poverty Agency in mapping the regions at risk of consistent poverty higlight that the regions most at risk of consistent poverty are the Mid West Region and the Border Region


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