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Australia – Becoming a recognized NGO – NGO Accreditations

NGOs need to be accredited by The Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) to be eligible for funding.
Non-government organisations NGOs can gain accreditation at two different levels, Base or Full.
There are distinct criteria tables for accreditation at each level and eligibility for AusAID funding is different at each level. The accreditation of an NGO is undertaken by a three member Review Team, comprising two independent development consultants and a Financial Systems Assessor contracted by AusAID.
The role of the review team is to assess the NGO against the agreed Accreditation Criteria.
The role of the Financial Systems Assessor is to certify whether the NGO has the minimum necessary and sufficient financial systems to manage Commonwealth funds effectively for the purposes of the requirements of the AusAID Umbrella Contract.
The Framework for Financial Systems Assessment provides guidance on what AusAID requires for a Financial Systems Assessment.
In addition to obtaining initial accreditation, if an NGO wishes to continue to access AusAID funding, it must apply for reaccreditation every five years.

Funding under the ANCP for Base Agencies is set at a maximum of $150,000 per NGO per annum and Full Agency funding is allocated proportionally based on their average Recognised Development Expenditure.

Full and Base Agencies who have Country or Regional Cooperation Agreements with AusAID are able to be funded through the AusAID Bilateral program.The ACFID Code of Conduct for Non-Government Development Organisations (NGDOs) is based on the principles of industry self-regulation. To attain AusAID accreditation, NGOs are required to formally adopt and become a signatory to, and demonstrate compliance with, the ACFID Code of Conduct.

NGOs interested in accessing AusAID funding through Humanitarian Emergency and Relief and Rehabilitation Windows must also adhere to the principles of the Steering Committee of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement Code of Conduct.

More information in:

Base AusAID NGO accreditation criteria:

Full AusAID NGO accreditation criteria: f


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